How to choose your natural stone laying pattern

How to Choose Your Natural Stone Laying Pattern


When you are working with natural stone for any application in your home, you will have many ways in which to create your own unique look and design. From stone material to color and more, it is easy to make your home’s natural stone stand apart from the crowd. The laying pattern that you utilize is perhaps one of the best ways that you can achieve this one-of-a-kind appearance.


Your laying pattern will depend in part upon where you are using the natural stone. A large sweeping driveway with a majestic center court can better accommodate some types of patterns that a small bathroom counter cannot. Your laying pattern can include a variety of the number of tiles, the size of the tiles and the color of the tiles as well as what directions they are placed in. You can even create a pattern using one size, shape and color of tile by simply alternating its laying direction.

Desired Ambiance

A mosaic pattern can be created to yield a graceful ambiance while you can choose a more irregular pattern to help build your natural environment. For large areas, such as entryways or driveways, center motifs can be the ultimate statement of elegance. Border patterns offer great flexibility to frame areas and set different spaces apart.

Amount of Use

When considering different stone laying patterns, you should also give thought to the traffic or use that a specific area will receive. A floor in a very busy part of your home could benefit from a busier pattern that can help hide foot dirt while a fireplace mantle could be an ideal location for a smoother, cleaner pattern of mostly large stones with minimal differences.

Overall Home Design

Certainly an eye must be given to the surrounding elements in the home to ensure that whatever laying pattern you select for your natural stone appropriately complements the overall design of your home. The professionals at Pierrexpert have many years of experience helping homeowners create majestic stone patterns. We welcome your questions and are happy to help guide you through the stone selection process.