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Stone Care Products


Natural stone is a great material for building cladding, pavers and even staircases. It is important to ensure proper installation and maintenance of your stone. If not properly maintained, stone is susceptible to moisture buildup which can lead to the presence of surface stains and deterioration from cracking. Continuous exposure to pollutants and weathering also play a role in affecting the building facade or pavers.

Pierrexpert offers stone care products to ensure your exterior stone will preserve its structural integrity and aesthetic value for years to come. They don’t require much time to clean but if left untreated, the stone may lose its structural integrity and outstanding appearance. Get into a habit of maintaining your stone from time to time, before it gets to the point where a light cleaning won’t remove the dirt.

It is important to recognize what kind of stain you have because use of the wrong product could further damage the stone. Identifying the type of stain on the stone is the key to removing it. Some basic guidelines for choosing the appropriate product is to avoid using highly acidic products which can potentially react with and damage the stone or sealant.

You can simply apply our stone cleaner to the surface and then low-pressure power wash. Too much moisture can gradually cause the growing of algae or fungus, which tends to leave green colored stains. In this case, let the product sit for a while to properly seep into the stone and kill the algae rather than washing it off right away.

Another stain that may appear on the stone is a white color, which is due to Efflorescence. It is caused by water carrying mineral salts from below the surface of the stone rising through the stone and evaporating.

If the walls or pavers have gotten too dirty, our stone poultice is recommended to clean a deeper stain. Avoid trying to get rid of the stain by just blasting it off using high pressure washing because the surface may become etched. Sometimes this damage is microscopic and not visible, which is why it is important to always clean with care.

The presence of black stains is likely pollution-related and occurs when sulfuric acids in polluted air react with the calcite in limestone. The transformation creates a black crust which is mainly composed of gypsum, that has particles embedded within. These particles are a result of pollutants in the atmosphere due to things like gas and oil emissions.

For stones that are exposed to severe weathering and colder climates, there is a higher chance of water infiltration. This is the catalyst for moisture build up and freeze-thaw, which will gradually cause deterioration. In this case, our stone water repellant is recommended to minimize the damage caused by water infiltration.