How to care for natural stone

How to care for natural stone

Adding natural stone to your home is perhaps one of the best ways to create the elegance and beauty you have wished for. There is truly no substitute for the grace and grandeur that natural stone products can bring to your living space.

Maintenance Is Critical for Lasting Beauty

Once you have spent the time researching different materials and identifying the best applications for them in your home, you will want to turn your focus to maintaining your stone so that the beauty you enjoy upon installation is retained for years to come.

Following are some important things to keep in mind to help you keep your new natural stone looking its best:

Properly Seal Stone

Every stone material is different and the correct sealing process is therefore unique. Pierrexpert can help you know the best way to seal your particular stone. This is a critical first step in taking care of your natural stone.

Minimize Wear

No matter what type of stone you have chosen, reducing wear and tear can extend its life. Using coasters and trivets on countertops or area rugs in entryways, for example, are easy and helpful ways to prevent unnecessary wear on stone in high-use areas.

Clean Well

Cleaning your stone regularly and promptly after any spills or other incidents can prevent dirt or stains from building up. Build-up makes them harder to clean later.

Use Gentle Cleaners

Avoid cleaning agents with harsh ingredients like bleach, ammonia, vinegar or other acidic elements. Opt for more natural cleaners that do not degrade the integrity of your stone.

No Matter the Stone, It’s the Care That Matters

Contrary to what some people believe, there is no perfect application for each type of natural stone nor is there a perfect natural stone for a given application. With the right care, any stone can perform well for your desired purpose.

When you are shopping for natural stone options for your home, feel free to contact the professionals at Pierrexpert. With decades of experience, we can help you learn about stone materials and how to care for them so that you can enjoy their beauty for a lifetime.