StoneAdvise America

Adhesive Techniques

The new adhesive technique for innovative cladding.

The use of adhesive bonding is nothing new to the building industry. After all, the cement used between the bricks on the house that you were born in is nothing more than a form of adhesive bonding. But time doesn’t stand still.

While many building contractors still use the traditional method of fixing cladding with anchors, bolts and screws, other innovators are discovering the profitable benefits of the latest adhesive technique.

StoneAdvise America was developed, in 1983, by the Canadian Company Pierrexpert. It is an extremely strong, permanently elastic adhesive with rapid hardening under the effect of atmospheric humidity. An adhesive which allows stone-like cladding to be applied much quicker, easier and less expensively.

With StoneAdvise America, you will be prepared for the future of the building industry.

Profit every time.

Whether you are working on the renovation of a block of flats from the 70’s or on the facade of a hypermodern office building, with StoneAdvise America you can make a profit every time.

The first advantage is that StoneAdvise America enables you to affix panels invisibly.

The second significant advantage of StoneAdvise America is that it results in optimum stress distribution, as you are no longer working with screws and bolts but with adhesive applied over a larger area. Since it is not the material's pin breakout strength (as with traditional anchoring) but it’s bending strength which is the decisive factor, the natural stone cladding panels can be considerably thinner.

A third advantage is that this also allows ceramics and composite materials to be considered as possible cladding materials.