How to choose your natural stone color

How to Choose Your Natural Stone Color


Natural stone adds a level of richness and elegance to any home that no other material can deliver. Its uses are varied and range from kitchen and bathroom countertops to exterior features like dormers, roofs and staircases.

Choosing the right color or shade of stone is one of the important steps in finding the right product for your specific need. Pierrexpert works with homeowners looking for the utmost quality in their homes and can help you learn how to select a natural stone color.


Define the Use

The first step in determining what color of stone you should use is to clearly identify where it will be used. If you are using the same type of stone in multiple places, you may wish to purchase different colors for each one. You can even choose to mix different colors of stone in the same area of your home for added drama and design impact.

For interior uses, it is important to remember that light colors will convey openness and additional space. Darker shades will create warmer, more intimate auras. Consider the color and style of furniture or features such as cabinets that will be in a room with natural stone and balance these colors appropriately.

For exterior uses, dark colors exude a sense of tradition and regality. Light stone colors may give a home a more modern appearance. Decide which style fits your home and let the beauty of natural stone colors help to communicate that.


Enjoy Years of Beauty

Properly maintained natural stone will let you enjoy the beauty of your home for many years. Sealing stone and keeping it clean can go a long way toward making this easier for you. Pierrexpert has a long history of experience in the stone industry. Feel free to call us at any time as our professionals are always happy to help you find your ideal stone color.