Why limestone is a classic choice for veneer siding

Limestone used to build

Whether you believe it or not, some of the best historical structures throughout the world have something in common. Many were created using limestone and there is the fact that they were all built and designed using exceptional architecture. The materials used to construct these wonders have proven to be long lasting as they remain standing to this day. For its versatility and its ability to hold up against the elements while retaining it character, natural limestone was popular for hundreds of years. Present day buildings can have that same exceptional appearance limestone offers with everlasting quality when going with a limestone veneer siding.

Composed of at least 50% calcium carbonate, limestone is a sedimentary rock in the form of mineral calcite. From the accumulation of fossils and debris for example shells and coral is how the abundant organic rock is created. The chemical rock is made by the precipitation of the mineral calcium carbonate from ocean or lake water. It can even be formed by evaporation in an environment like a cave. In many environments, limestone is still being formed in some seas and oceans plus in shallow water areas.

With a remarkable diversity, limestone can be used for a number of reasons and in many different ways. In comparison with any other type of rock, nothing can beat limestone in terms of diversity. It has many applications in construction in either a crushed or solid state. It is often cut into slabs of a particular dimension that can then be used in architecture and construction. A few of the many purposes for this dimension stone are for floors, stair treads, windowsills and for facings tone. The characteristics are one of a kind because no stone or block is ever identical.

Since limestone veneer siding is weather, insect and impact resistant in addition to fireproof, it will continue to look perfect for generations to come. This makes it suitable as a siding for homes or structures. Ease of cleaning is yet another plus; since it requires merely a gentle wash. It adds an exceptional character and a beauty that is timeless. Split faced, smooth, sand blasted and brushed are but a handful of the finishes to select from. It comes in many colors such as shades of silver, gray, buff and also variegated.

Two methods are used for constructing walls with the limestone outdoor siding. An anchored method is the first which uses brick ties and angle brackets attached to the composition of the building. The other kind is an adhered system in which the veneer is attached to the structure using a layer of mortar or paste which in turn sets hard. There is no need for brick ties in this system and there can be a considerable savings in time, expense and labor.

There are certain rewards to building with limestone veneer. Walls can be built faster than traditional masonry walls and are also less expensive. It is easy to mount because the siding is light which can lower labor costs and save valuable time. The buildings foundation can be more compact also because of the lower weight. Lastly, since the veneer walls are non-structural, they may be installed after the roof and walls which provides more flexibility for builders.

Limestone has been a favorite building material for many centuries and has without a doubt stood the test of time, with unmatched strength and endurance, no other material has with stood so much. The textures and grains are exclusive and the limestone has an authentic beauty. These attributes can be a part of more contemporary structures for years to come when using limestone veneer siding where the look and much of the same benefits can be appreciated when using natural stone.

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