How to choose your natural stone material

How to Choose Your Natural Stone Material


Whether you are embarking on a home renovation project or designing elements during the construction of a new home, you may decide to select natural stone to enhance your project. Natural stone products offer tremendous warmth, richness and value to a home while personalizing it at the same time.

Knowing just which stone product is right for your application can be tricky but with a little education, you’ll be able to find the perfect stone in no time. At Pierrexpert, we can help you learn about different types of stone and the advantages of each so that you get the information you need.

Popular Stones and Features

Limestone, sandstone, marble and granite are among today’s most popular natural stones used for a variety of interior and exterior building and design applications. Each one offers unique features to homeowners:

  • Limestone is a natural rock soft enough to be ideal for carving and shaping. Its look is one of natural elegance that works very well for flooring, walls, ornate artwork applications, vanities, exterior home elements and more.
  • Sandstone is made mostly from sand-sized grains of minerals but can also feature some rock fragments. It comes in multiple color options and is commonly used in flooring.
  • Recognizable by its shine, marble is essentially metamorphosed limestone. Resistance to heat and other elements make it suited for columns and other structural features.
  • Granite is prized for its exceptional hardness and durability. Being scratch and heat resistant, it performs well in countertops.

Each of these stones will render a unique appearance and aura to any home as no two pieces of natural stone are alike.

Beauty for the Ages

In addition to the color and specific features of your stone selection, you should consider the ongoing maintenance and longevity of a stone before settling on it for any application. With the proper care, your natural stone will deliver the utmost in beauty for your home year after year.

When assessing different stone options, contact the experts at Pierrexpert. We are always happy to answer your questions and will help you find the perfect stone for your home.