Pierrexpert offers a wide selection of natural stone products that you can check out below. Whether it’s a new project to be built or remodelling on an existing building, we help find the right product to suit the needs of our customers. If you have any questions or would like to request a free quote, please contact us at 1-888-771-5810. Pierrexpert is happily ready to assist you during your new project.


A balustrade consists of various elements such as balusters, hand rail, base rail and piers. It provides safety on a balcony, staircase or terrace.

Stone Care Products

StoneAdvise cleaners, stain removers, deep stains on facades, prevent moisture buildup


Supplying stone for both indoor or outdoor staircases.

Paver, flooring and Pool coping

Pavers refer to thin stone typically used for exterior walkways, patios, etc. The coping serves as a frame around the pool and separates the decking from the pool structure.


Fireplace for either indoor or outdoor purpose of any size and can include detailed carvings.


This includes elements such as statues, fountains, vases, etc. Decorates the building to simply standout or establish a certain style.

Architectural Elements

This includes elements such as window casings, door trims, detailed carvings, columns, keystones, pediments, etc.

StoneAdvise Gluing System

Through the use of a new bonding system designed to withstand climate extremes and changes as well as resist condensation and moisture buildup, you can enjoy outstanding performance for any vertica