Eco Friendly Stone Veneer Solutions

Architects, designers, engineers, government and people in general, are nowadays concerned about environmental issues and being ecologically ethical when choosing a product that will not create a negative impact or damage the environment.

Pierrexpert is proud to provide you an authentic product that is Ecofriendly and in great advantage when compared with other products that tries to imitate the natural beauty of our stone selection. Despite all the aesthetic advantages for choosing to use natural stone, we would like to present you some other environmental positive advantages when thinking and designing ecologically:

  • Natural Stone is not the consequence of a high energy processes and chemically driven industrial process;
  • Our colour selection is as natural as the earth that produced them;
  • We ensure quarries waste is minimal;
  • We provide an installation system that allows the use of thin stone, which considerably reduces energy for installation and transportation;
  • Our products are infinitely recyclable and completely non toxic to the environment;
  • Since our product is natural, it eliminates all the industrial process associates with the cementiocious and concrete base product;
  • Natural Stone age in a far superior manner through time compared with any other cementiocious product;

Based on that, Pierrexpert is proud to offer you a product that will always remain as natural, easy recyclable, non toxic to the ecosystem and energy saver. Go for Natural Stone.

Eco Friendly

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