You can rely on StoneAdvise America.

StoneAdvise Gluing System

Another advantage is that StoneAdvise America offers benefits in terms of logistics, as the mounting of the underlying structure can be 'separated' from the subsequent attachment of the cladding panels. All these advantages of StoneAdvise America result in significant gains for you, not just as a craftsman, but also as a contractor; quality improvements, cost savings and a considerable increase in productivity.

The secret of StoneAdvise America lies in the addition of a specific combination of raw materials to the polymer base product. The quality of this production process is guaranteed. StoneAdvise America is then examined and tested on the basis of the requirements specified in the applicable Standards. StoneAdvise America is the world's most secure invisible stone affixing method.

With our durability test and our 10-year guarantee, you can build with the upmost confidence.

A study demonstrated that the use of bonding techniques could lead to savings of 30% in building costs.

This is why we can guarantee that StoneAdvise America is absolutely 'Rock solid'.

StoneAdvise America The foundation of the future.

The mechanical fixing of cladding works perfectly well. So why should you suddenly try something else?

The answer is easy: if you use the traditional procedure you are missing out on a great opportunity. Sticking with mechanical fixing not only costs time and money, but also means you are giving up the competitive advantage to other building contractors who do choose the latest, innovative techniques.

North American companies in particular have been building with lower costs and making increased profits for years, due to the use of adhesive bonding. These products are now available in your country!

The increase in labor and building costs in America poses a serious threat to building contractors. For this reason, it is important that you start laying down the foundation for your own future. With StoneAdvise America, success is guarantee.