Ornaments can add a touch of luxury to either the interior or exterior of your home. Some of our most requested decorative elements are statues, vases and sculptures as shown below. Each of these elements have been handcrafted to perfection by our experienced team. You can let your imagination run wild and choose from endless possibilities to help your home standout or establish a certain style.


The oldest Greek stone sculptures (of limestone) date from the mid-7th century BCE. As time went on more and more anatomical features emerged, movement and action and are more realistically conveyed. The bodies of sculptures were inspired by Greek divinities and their standards of excellence when it came to Olympic athleticism.


Here we have a finial, a decorative element that often emphasises the top or end of a building structure. It is used in architecture to draw attention to the top of a spire, tower, dome or roof. Stone carving includes a number of techniques where pieces of rough natural stone are shaped by the controlled removal of stone.


Pierrexpert is well known for its stunning, unique designs, which are meticulously crafted to perfection. Here you see a Greek messenger god that has been sculpted in detail. Muscular definition and facial expression are conveyed.

Example of a simple pot that we offer, can be used to put your plants. When you decorate your home with beautiful ornaments, you are creating a place where you can relax and unwind!

Beautiful ornament imitating a vase filled with flowers. Looking at the beautiful balance of man-made works and nature relaxes both the eyes and the mind. Garden ornaments can be a terrific way to dress up your garden!


Pierrexpert produces not only vases but stone piers to match! Ornaments can be a wonderful addition to your garden's flowers and plants. Everyone has their own personal style! It's more about letting go of your inner artist and reconnecting with nature.


Are you dissatisfied with the state of your garden? Garden sculptures and decorations are a great way to personalise your space. Natural stone vase with detailed lion heads carved on two sides.