Stoneadvise Gluing System

StoneAdvise Gluing System

Through the use of a new bonding system designed to withstand climate extremes and changes as well as resist condensation and moisture buildup, you can enjoy outstanding performance for any vertical tile application.

We can help you design that unique stone mansion that you have been dreaming of. We work to keep installation costs low and help you find the right materials at the best prices. Pierrexpert offers a large selection of natural stones to fulfill all your needs: from building castles to covering wall surfaces. You may choose from a variety of pre-selected types of finishing, size or type of stones, to accommodate your design.

Whether used on natural stone, ceramic, glass, metal or other types of tiles, installations with this gluing system can be completed in a fraction of the time that traditional anchorage systems require. It also eliminates the need for specialized contractors so it saves you even more money.

For the best in durability and longevity along with time and cost savings, the new building facade bonding system delivers.

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Stone Adhesive

Specially formulated adhesive for bonding natural stone products.


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