Stone Veneer by Pierrexpert




Pierrexpert started as a specialist in cutting and finishing stone products on demand. Just after the turn of the millennium, Pierrexpert decided to expand its business to provide other services in the same field using the CAD Technologu for its products


With over 30 years of experience, the company offers its expertise to more than 1,000 clients in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Through its strong relationships with teams of quarries all around the world.


Pierrexpert has a simple goal in mind: providing excellence to their clients. Addressing their inquiries and coming up with a solution that meets their needs.


In 2003, Pierrexpert, in collaboration with StoneAdvise System in Europe, came up with a new conceptual technology: StoneAdvise Gluing System. It was developed and applied for over a decade on more than 50 different projects. During the same year, Pierrexpert received an award for "Excellence in Construction" over 4000 sq. ft.



We specialize in high end residential facade design using our quality stones. We have years of experience in architectural stone design and technical drafting services using the latest version of Autocad.

Why Limestone

Limestone is the oldest natural element on Earth. Consumers are drawn to natural limestone for its outstanding quality, warmth and durability.

About Pierrexpert

Pierrexpert is a primary supplier for natural stone through quarries, distributing worldwide. We custom cut stones to provide the client with the exact amount and size needed.


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