Stone Care Products

Stone Care Products

Pierrexpert offers stone care products to ensure your exterior stone will preserve its structural integrity and aesthetic value for years to come. They don’t require much time to clean but if left untreated, the stone may lose its structural integrity and outstanding appearance. Get into a habit of maintaining your stone from time to time, before it gets to the point where a light cleaning won’t remove the dirt.


Stone Cleaner and Stain Remover

The StoneAdvise cleaner and stain remover restores many types of exterior surfaces such as limestone. This product is highly recommended for cleaning and maintaining your natural stone. Unwanted dust and stains are easily removed without damaging the stone itself.

Stone Poultices

Stone Poultices is a clay-paste cleaning product for deep stains on facades or degrading natural stone. First, the paste absorbs all the dirt and stains from the stone. Then, the paste is removed by a thorough rinse.

Stone Water Repellant

This product is highly recommended to reduce water infiltration and to prevent moisture buildup in porous construction materials like stone.